SDC Energy Brings Solar to the Surfing Capital of the World
March 15, 2017

Often called the Eight-Mile Miracle, Oahu’s North Shore is a mecca for the world’s surfers. At the heart of it and right on the beach lies the Haleiwa Surf Condominium complex, offering spectacular surfing, swimming, and snorkeling just steps away.

SDC Energy’s latest project at the Haleiwa Surf Condos represents the ideal profile for people who want to invest in solar this year.

Perfect location. Ideal Project.

When the board of Haleiwa Surf’s Association of Apartment Owners considered solar for their two-story, 51-unit complex, they knew securing the right solar financing was critical.

SDC Energy stepped in with a winning package to get the system up and making money quickly. Here’s why Haleiwa Surf Condos represent a prize project for SDC Energy investors:

• The installation called for an investment of $93,000 over a six-year term yielding internal rates of return in the mid-teens

• The complex’s directors opted for a shorter payment plan to gain ownership of the solar system faster

• By compressing payments from the standard 12 years to only six years, the investor earns higher than average returns over a shorter amount of time

Haleiwa Surf Condominiums Project Highlights
Location: Haleiwa, Hawaii
Capacity: 17.3 kW DC
Annual Production: 28,433 kWh/Year
Number of Panels: 53
Panel Type: SunPower 327 watt
Inverter Type: SolarEdge
Mounting: Fixed tilt roof mount

Haleiwa Surf Condos – a Maverick in PV Projects
The whole project was installed without a hitch in three months – beginning to end — using high-efficiency SunPower modules to ensure strong system performance.

As a complex with multiple owners paying HOA fees, this project also represents a predictable, stable investment option for solar investors.

Residents of Haleiwa Surf Condos now enjoy more than white-sand beaches and perfect surf:

They will save $2M in utility costs over the life of the solar equipment They will reduce toxic carbon dioxide emissions by 20 tons each year – equivalent to planting nearly 20 acres of forest

Surf’s Up for Solar in Hawaii
There are good reasons to invest in solar in Hawaii.

Two years ago, the Aloha State be came the first to set a 100 percent renewable energy goal. Prompted by the highest electric rates in the country – a result of having to import vast quantities of oil and gas across the Pacific – Hawaii has turned to its abundant sunshine to bring costs down by expanding solar incentives and encouraging a robust solar market:

• Hawaii ranks eighth in solar capacity in the nation, with 564 megawatts bringing clean power to 146,000 homes

• It comes in fourth place in solar capacity per capita 100 percent of the state’s new electricity generation comes from solar

• With excellent tax credits, Hawaiian solar projects pay for themselves faster than anywhere else in the United States, making them the best solar investments in the nation – and a great place to visit!

Contact SDC Energy to learn more how you can get fast payback and high returns with solar investments in Hawaii.