SDC Energy 2017 Year in Review
February 28, 2018

Your Investments. Our Impact.

Only two months into 2018 and it’s already been quite a year. When the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law at the end of December, we knew we had to share our insights on what the new tax provisions mean for solar investments.

With that now behind us, we can focus on our year-in-review post.  Let’s take a look at what SDC Energy accomplished with your help in 2017.  

Your Impact

Together with our investors, we put over $4.4 million into 15 commercial solar projects last year, bringing us to total of nearly $40 million since we got started in 2009. These projects bring clean solar energy and savings to communities across California and Hawaii. See how you have made a difference in these regions:

Impact on Taxes

As you take your tax planning forward you can feel good about realizing the 30% tax benefit that comes from investing in solar projects. Combined, our investors’ tax offset from the Federal Tax Investment Credit (ITC) was to the tune of $1.3 million last year. Not too shabby.

And that’s not counting the $3.7 million of income write-offs our investors gained by putting their money into one of the smartest tax investment – keeping more dollars in their pocket.

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Impact on Returns

Some of the projects funded in 2017 are already generating revenue so you know first-hand that solar routinely yields great returns.  Last year our investors’ solar installations generated over $400,000 of revenue with an expected $4,000,000 over the next decade.  

Financing solar doesn’t just lower your taxes; it protects you from volatile markets with a reliable cash flow that guarantees income over the life of your investment. This doesn’t seem so important when the market is riding high, but as the Dow plunged 1,175 on Feb. 5 – the biggest one-day point decline in history – “steady solar” sure looked more attractive.

Impact on Communities

By investing in SDC Energy solar projects you can double your impact with socially-minded solar financing. Together, we made quite a difference in 2017.

You brought much-needed financing to 12 churches, schools, and other non-profits last year, helping these cash-strapped community-builders cut operating costs and achieve sustainability goals with clean solar energy.

Impact on the Planet

Solar does great things for your portfolio while offsetting dirty fossil fuels and keeping the air cleaner for generations to come.

Combined, your 2017 solar investments will remove over 1,000 tons of harmful pollutants from the atmosphere during their first year of operation.  That’s like planting 1,000 acres of forest, or taking 225 cars off the road, or avoiding burning 1 million pounds of coal – or planting 1,000 acres of forest — or taking 225 cars off the road, each year for the 20-plus years your solar investment produces energy.

That’s plenty of good both for your pocketbook and the environment.

Let’s Keep Doing Great Things Together

We are proud to have such committed investors and want to thank you for your trust in SDC Energy, both last year and into the future. Let’s create more positive change together so that you can cut your tax bill while supporting communities and the planet.

Help us promote all of these amazing benefits. Share your thoughts on what your solar investment means to you and we’ll use your comments to reach new investors.

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