Benefits of investing in solar
Tax Advantages

Solar investments come with a hefty 30% federal credit that lowers your income taxes, plus an accelerated depreciation schedule for your new asset.
Great Returns

Funding a solar project generates clean energy and a short payback. Your revenue is set for the contract’s duration, so you can bank on solid returns.
Reliable Cash Flow

Unlike other fluctuating investments, solar projects offer a steady stream of guaranteed income throughout the life of the contract.
Stable Asset Class

Tested and proven, solar performance is rock solid. High-yield photovoltaic technology continues to innovate and evolve.
Impact Investing

Non-profits can’t use tax credits – but you can. Talk about impact investing; you help lower a non-profit’s energy costs while their roof makes money for you.
Protect the Planet

Invest smart for good. Solar does great things for your portfolio while offsetting dirty fossil fuels and cleaning the air for generations to come.
How solar investing works
Select an available project
SDC Energy has an active portfolio of lucrative solar projects at various stages of development. Big or small, we can find the right one for you.
Conduct due diligence
We advise you every step of the way through financial and technical assessments to help you make the right choice.
Fund your solar project
We step in after you initiate financing. We oversee construction and set pay-for-performance milestones to keep everything on track.
Build and go live
Our expert installers build high-quality systems and streamline authorizations to get your project generating revenue fast.
Collect and pay
We are stewards of your solar asset. We invoice your customer, collect their payment and forward revenue on to you.
Your guide to smart investing
Let us show you how tax-advantaged solar investments can beef up your portfolio. Download our guide and get smarter about reducing taxes with a solar project.
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