Solar financing made easy

Our unique approach streamlines project funding with two different financing solutions tailored to fit your needs:

The 10-year lease offers a short term option.
The pre-pay solar financing solution provides a quicker path to ownership consisting of one payment upfront, with no future payments.
Markets we serve

  • Commercial
  • Non-profit
  • Government
Lower cost of ownership
Your customers benefit when our investors save on their taxes. They fund the project while your customers generate clean energy, save on utility bills, and
ultimately own a solar asset.
Steps to fund your project
You submit install proposal
First, we review project details including scope of work, equipment, pricing, utility bill analysis, warrantees and guaranties.
We customize financing terms
SDC Energy tailors financing terms to develop a unique agreement to meet your customer’s exact needs and expectations.
Customer submits credit application
We vet your customer’s financials thoroughly, including reviewing balance sheets and P&L statements for the last three years.
Customer signs agreements
Your customer then signs our solar energy services agreement as well as your installation contract and project warranty.
SDC Energy initiates project funding
At this point, we match the right individual investor to this financing package and set up a funding account
Project construction gets underway
Your track record for installing high-quality systems keeps you on top of pay-for-performance milestones throughout construction.
Authorized system goes live
With inspections and utility interconnections done, the system is ready to flip the switch to let solar-generated electrons flow.
SDC begins invoicing and collecting
We service the account for the duration of the agreement, processing invoices and collecting payments for our investors.
Submit your project

We strive to give you and your customer a quick response. Get started today and join the many who have created great value with SDC Energy.