Historic El Campanil Theatre Lights Up With Solar
September 4, 2017

A growing number of businesses in California are upgrading their buildings to solar power to meet their electricity needs. It can be a great financial decision and offers a wide range of other valuable benefits to your business.

One such organization that recently upgraded to solar power is the historic El Campanil Theatre in Antioch, California. The theatre was founded in 1928 and has been serving the greater Antioch area ever since. It has hosted many famous celebrities over the years, many of whom left their autographs on the dressing room walls.  

Like many of our clients, El Campanil’s decision was driven by the cost savings the solar installation represented. When Executive Director Rick Carraher presented the idea to the theatre’s board of directors, he projected first year savings of over $16,000 in the first year alone. Over the next 25 years, annual utility savings are anticipated to average $27,225, for a total utility savings of $680,613.

The board agreed to move forward with the project almost immediately. El Campanil engaged Rockridge Renewables, through a competitive bid process, to build the solar installation and SDC Energy provided the experience and expertise to finance the project for the theatre.

“The entire process was seamless and very professionally handled,” said Rick Carraher of El Campanil Theatre .

Modern solar technology, like the equipment installed at El Campanil Theatre, enables businesses to take control of their energy costs by locking in their ability to generate electricity for decades.

“We were thrilled to part of the process, and we genuinely feel we represent the future of  power delivery in America, ” said Steve Johnson of Rockridge Renewables.

El Campanil Project Highlights
-Capacity: 56 kW DC  
-Annual Production: 88,902 kWh/Year
-Number of Panels: 200
-Panel Type: REC Solar – REC280PE
-Inverter Type:  SolarEdge with panel optimizers
-Mounting: Fixed tilt attached roof mount

Aerial views of solar technology enhancing this already intellectually stunning building in Southern California.

Offering strong rates of return, predictable cash flow, and rapid payback, commercial solar installations deliver remarkable long-term investments for the investor. Solar investments are often designed to make the investor consider the savings from an installation first and foremost.

At SDC Energy, we strive to make certain that commercial solar installations will both reduce energy costs for the ratepayer, achieve the investor’s return expectations and greatly reduced carbon footprint in the world we all live in.