Double Your Impact With Socially-Minded Solar Financing
October 26, 2017

Why Non-Profits Make Such a Great Solar Investment

When it comes to Uncle Sam’s tax code, American non-profits often have a hard time funding solar energy. Without taxable income, non-profits are excluded from federal tax benefits that can reduce the cost of adding solar by as much as 55%.

But with about 1.5 million charitable entities operating in the US (per the National Center for Charitable Statistics ), neighborhood churches, schools, homeless shelters and other private organizations represent a substantial, untapped opportunity for solar energy production. 

That is why SDC Energy turns investing in non-profits into a viable solar business opportunity. We convert small to medium-sized non-profit roofs into valuable assets for our investors.

“Funders can double their Impact with socially-minded solar financing: they get tax benefits and a cash return on their investment while helping non-profits provide much-needed services to their communities,” said Charles Schaffer, President, SDC Energy.

It’s a win-win: Investors finance and profit from the sale of the solar energy while the non-profit organization reduces operational utility costs and gains clean power. The Non-profit also has an eventual option to buy the solar generating asset, which means continued savings throughout the life of the equipment.

This directed form of philanthropy enables investors to fund solar projects instead of donating money to non-profits, benefiting their investment portfolio while furthering the cause of charitable organizations. Something we all care about.