Bank on solar financing

Our tax-efficient strategy doubles our clients’ impact: They reap the benefits of a direct solar investment and also support a sustainable future.
Preserving wealth with strategic solar investing

At SDC Energy, we empower personal investors with clean energy financing. Our tax-efficient solar projects allow you to keep more of your money in your pocket. We create high-yield, low-risk investments that conserve your wealth and the planet for generations to come.

Leveraging commercial solar tax advantages

We specialize in developing, financing, and operating renewable energy installations to deliver tax-advantaged investments.

Established in 2005, SDC Energy orchestrates investor-owned solar projects from concept to completion. From small commercial to large utility projects, across the country and on the islands, we finance projects directly for high-income individuals and family offices.

Executing projects from start to finish

We work with top-tier installers to ensure the seamless implementation of each solar project. These contractors have proven track records for delivering high-quality systems on time and on budget.

Our installation partners connect us with small- to mid-sized businesses who want solar but can’t access cost-effective financing. Often these businesses are non-profit organizations that cannot benefit from the solar tax incentives, putting clean energy out of reach.

This is where SDC Energy shines. From start to finish, we manage all aspects of project origination, financing, and operations for you, the investor. From securing capital to billing and operations, each project is executed flawlessly so you can reduce your tax bill and start earning high returns fast.

Offering personalized, direct investments

At SDC Energy, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality, bespoke investments delivered with outstanding client support.

Our dedication to high-performing solar projects has earned the trust of our investors, their wealth managers and family offices.

We back everything we do with rock-solid ethics and integrity. Rigorous assessments ensure your projects’ ongoing viability and profitability:

1. Standardized, IRS-compliant service contracts secure your solar assets and establish dependable cash flows

2. Due diligence on each solar end-user certifies your solar income is both safe and lucrative

3. Robust vetting ensures our installation partners build the highest quality solar systems

Solar investment champions

Our team homes in on profitability. From investor relations to project development and operations, we carry your investments across the finish line.

  • Investor Relations
    works with investors to raise capital, deploy money into projects

  • Project Development
    works with installers to vet, acquire and build high-quality solar projects

  • Operations
    works with installers and end-users to secure contracts, collect payments from solar end-users and make distributions to investors